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Get Growing: Forcing bulbs for indoor color  GazetteNET

This dreary gray weather we've been having is a stern reminder of what lies ahead in the next four months. I don't know about you, but I don't like the grayness.

In The Garden | Amaryllis bulb can last a lifetime  Mansfield News Journal

Timing is important in growing an amaryllis. With good timing, you can easily get the bulb to bloom.

Dan Gill: Amaryllis make easy transition from home to garden  Houma Courier

Few flowering bulbs can surpass the stately beauty of the amaryllis. Typically blooming in April, this popular bulb is a star performer in the spring garden.

The Plant Lady: Christmas plants can be present year-round, if you treat them right  The Modesto Bee

Can you keep poinsettias alive year-round in Sacramento, California? Plant Lady Marlene Simon offers tips on how to enjoy Christmas plants year-round.

Easy-to-grow, fragrant paperwhites add cheer to holiday table  Tribune-Review

Paperwhites are easy-to-grow, fragrant bulbs that can dress up your holiday decor like nothing else. Since the heady perfume of just a few blooming bulbs can ...

Choosing and Growing Beautiful Amaryllis | Free  ECM Publishers

As the days are becoming shorter and we see less sunlight it can be hard to fight the winter blues. One great way to boost your mood is by taking.

The Root of It All: Proper care for an amaryllis bulb  Journal Times

Question: I just bought an amaryllis bulb for the holidays, and after opening the box it was in, I noticed it had already begun to grow while in the box.

Get It Growing: Amaryllis from houseplant to garden plant  StMaryNow.com

Few flowering bulbs can surpass the stately beauty of the amaryllis. Typically blooming in April, this popular bulb is a star performer in the spring garden.

Titan arum to bloom in campus conservatory  Cornell Chronicle

The race is on. One of Cornell's two flowering-sized Titan arums – dubbed Wee Stinky for its putrid smell – is set to bloom for the fourth time. The big question is, ...

The Hoosier Gardener: World’s most expensive spice is easy to grow  Indianapolis Star

Sometimes you just have to try something new because it looks like fun, you know others who have tried it, it isn't hard or expensive, and it's a plant that blooms ...

Growing amaryllis can be done year after year | People  Cody Enterprise

Amaryllis have become very popular holiday gift plants because the bulbs bloom very freely indoors and they are affordable. The large, showy flowers make a ...

Amaryllis: A showstopping holiday bloomer | Central MO Breaking News  Jefferson City News Tribune

Amaryllis is the perfect last-minute gift for young and old, University of Missouri Extension horticulturist David Trinklein said.

Plan, plant this fall for three months of spring color  Daily Herald

MUKWONAGO, WI-- It's time to think spring and get busy planning and planting for months of colorful blooms. The key to getting a continuous parade of spring ...

Holiday fun with amaryllis  Orlando Sentinel

Watching a plant grow can be exciting, especially if you know there is a beautiful bloom awaiting. That is one of the rewards during the holiday season when ...

O'Meara: Amaryllis brighten dark winter days  Boulder Daily Camera

Are you the proud owner of a huge, weird-looking bulb that a loved one insists will one day become a big, beautiful flower? If you've been given an amaryllis, ...

The ephemeral beauty of bulbs  Los Altos Town Crier

Bulbs have a dramatic but ephemeral garden presence, whether you cluster them to fill a large area or get a delightful surprise when bulbs you'd forgotten about ...

How to grow Paperwhite Narcissus and Amaryllis  Sioux City Journal

Question: I saw a display of Paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis bulbs at the store. The sign said that the bulbs didn't even need to be watered -- they would just.

Connecticut Garden Journal: Amaryllis Ready To Shine  WNPR News

No flower says the holidays like amaryllis. This bulb hails from South African and South America. It's a spring bloomer in its native range, but through.

Ask the Master Gardener: These Christmas plants are not meant...  Brainerd Dispatch

Dear Master Gardener: Are poinsettias poisonous? Are there other Christmas plants that are poisonous? Answer: The sap of the poinsettia is mildly irritating, but ...

Gardening Tips and Highlights Waushara County Master Gardeners  Waushara Argus

Forcing grape hyacinths indoors. by Christine Yesko. When you think of forcing bulbs indoors, paperwhites and amaryllis are the first and often only kinds that ...

Holiday gifts: Planters, augers and trellises  Sioux City Journal

You still have a couple of weeks to buy presents for the gardener on your gift list. Here are a few more ideas that will be appreciated:

Colour blocking is the secret to successful flower bulb display  Horticulture Week

National Winner was Sunshine Garden Centre, London. Taylor's said: "Their colour blocking of the pre-packs was very well merchandised with excellent ...

Garden calendar: For the week of Dec. 9 | Home and Garden  Madison.com

Caring for your Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulb: Amaryllis bulbs make wonderful holiday gifts. They are tender bulb plants native to South America, that typically ...

Growing Concerns: Here's a bright idea: Get tulip bulbs started now  PostBulletin.com

Believe it or not, there is still time to plant spring flowering bulbs in the garden. Tulips can be planted as long as the ground is not frozen. November is also a ...

Gardening: Easy-growing Dutch hyacinths bring perfume to spring flower bed  The Columbus Dispatch

Of all the sweet-smelling spring-flowering bulbs, hyacinths might offer the strongest scent. A few growing by a front door can provide a welcoming whiff, while ...

Breaking ground  NWAOnline

Here we go again on a roller-coaster of weather. We have seen some early low temperatures -- low 20s or below -- shoot up to 70 in the same week. Everyone is ...

Check Out the 2019 Cut Flowers of the Year  Greenhouse Grower

The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) recently announced its 2019 Cut Flowers of the Year. Award winners are determined based on the ...

Connecticut Garden Journal: Cold Weather Bulb Gardening  WNPR News

It's almost October, and time to plants some bulbs. Many gardeners plant tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinths each fall. But some gardeners don't have.

Flower bulb cultivation continues to flourish  Statistics Netherlands

The area of farmland destined for bulb cultivation in the Netherlands continues to grow.

Soil temperature, depth are important when planting bulbs in the fall  New Jersey Herald

October in Sussex County is prime time for planting daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and scilla because these popular bulbs prefer cool soil temperatures, ...

Plan and plant this fall for three months of spring color  The Oakland Press

It's time to think spring and get busy planning and planting for months of colorful blooms.

Last-Minute Gifts for Home and Garden - Press Release  Digital Journal

The holiday season is here, and that means making a gift list and checking it at least twice. Some friends and family members are easy to buy for, but others ...

From the Extension: Bulbs are easy plants to grow in Central Florida  Daily Commercial

Bulb gardening is a passion among many gardeners as bulbs and bulb-like plants are easy to grow, divide and share. Gardeners look forward to season after ...

Master Gardener: Why tuberose bulbs didn’t bloom and what to do with your compost pile  Press-Enterprise

Q: I planted some tuberose bulbs during the summer. They produced foliage but still have not bloomed. What went wrong? A: There are two possibilities, and ...

Sure, you could buy a festive blooming amaryllis, but it's so much more fun to grow your own  The Seattle Times

IT'S NO WONDER that red-and-white and candy-cane-striped blooming amaryllis are such popular holiday plants. Wrapped in foil or presented in humble ...

Garden News: Time to store bulbs so they'll be ready for next spring  The Advocate

The foliage of spring-flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, is beginning to turn yellow and brown and looking a little ratty in the landscape.

When to plant tulip bulbs in Oregon, remove weed barrier: Ask an expert  OregonLive.com

Readers seek answers about pruning rhododendrons and companion plants for blueberries.

Now’s the time to prepare bulbs for next year’s bloom — here’s how  WTOP

Ensure that your spring bulbs — crocus, daffodils, tulips and the like — return reliably next season. Just follow these three tips.

Here Are The Blooming Flowers To Plant In Your Garden This Spring  WBUR

David Epstein looks at what plants to buy in the early spring, from pansies to hellebores.

Master Gardener: Want to divide your amaryllis or lilies? Here’s how  Press-Enterprise

Q: We have a very nice planting of Dutch amaryllis bulbs in our garden. They bloomed months ago but now some of the leaves are beginning to look tired and a ...

First frost signals many gardening chores  Chicago Daily Herald

The average first frost date at the Chicago Botanic Garden is Oct. 15, though it is often later in the city.

Divide up bearded iris, plant bigger bulbs for better blooms  Santa Rosa Press Democrat

One reader asks how to divide up bearded irises to produce healthier blooms. Another questions what to look for when buying spring blooming bulbs.

Plant bulbs now for splashes of beauty in the spring  Press Herald

It's time to add color and excitement to next year's garden – by purchasing and then planting spring-flowering bulbs. These practically fool-proof plants will add ...

September is the ideal time to plant garlic: Follow these 6 steps  The Journal News | LoHud.com

Like many spring flowering bulbs including tulips and daffodils, garlic is planted in the fall.

What Mainers should know about spring-planted bulbs and their blossoms  Bangor Daily News

Spring-planted bulbs are kind of an overlooked solution ... they can allow you to make your garden look fuller than it is, which is especially important in the first ...

Garden Help Desk: What do you do with daffodils once they've bloomed?  Daily Herald

Question: My first time planting daffodils in Orem was successful! I have two dozen spectacular bloomers. Some are spent now and need to be picked. But when ...

Tropical Gardening: Ring in spring with flowering bulbs  Hawaii Tribune Herald

During this season of the year, most mainland gardeners become bulb conscious. Even in Hawaii, garden magazines and garden supply stores now are ...

How to create a three-layer pot of flowering bulbs for the summer  Dallas News

We often think of flowering bulbs as the go-to plants for winter color. But we can also look ahead now to warmer weather by planting summer...

Slope-solving, bulb-planting, and crabgrass: This Weekend in the Garden  PennLive.com

This weekend's yard jobs include strategizing about what to do with that big slope, planting bulbs, and dealing with crabgrass.

How to grow flowers in winter  Hudson Valley One

It could be spring. Now. Indoors, with the sweet fragrance from a flowerpot of pastel-colored hyacinths and other spring-flowering bulbs. All it takes is a little bit of ...

East Texas farmer grows flowering bulbs that can tolerate the heat  Dallas News

Flowering bulbs are a delight in any garden. Unfortunately, with the high heat and humidity we deal with in Texas, many bulbs bred for cooler...

Forget to plant those tulip bulbs? No problem  Tribune-Review

Question: I bought some tulip bulbs in September, but I never got around to planting them. Now that winter has arrived, I'm not interested in going outside to plant ...

Angelique: One of the prettiest tulips is also easy to grow  WTOP

Angelique is soon to arrive in my garden, but only briefly. And as in years past, I'll miss her when she leaves and will look forward to her return next spring.

That tulip show in spring? It starts with fall planting  Omaha World-Herald

Those glorious tulips that seem to magically appear in your garden every spring have an exotic and fascinating history.

The amazing daffodil is blooming on schedule — despite the relentless March chill  Washington Post

Daffodils can bloom in the same location for centuries if left undisturbed.

How to plant those fall bulbs  Northwest Herald

It's not too early to think spring. In fact, now is the perfect time to plant fall bulbs for some early blooms next year. Most common are daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and ...

Gardening: Best bets for blooming bulbs  Marco News

While we can't grow tulips or any of the other northern bulbs here in Florida, we do have other bulbs that like our tropical climate.

Tim's Tips: Don't wait too long to clean up all those leaves  The Daily News of Newburyport

Pretty soon, the leaves will really begin to fall. There is a tendency to wait for all the leaves to fall before you clean them up. But you may want to do several ...

GET GROWING: Amaryllis and paperwhites add natural beauty to holiday decor  TheChronicleHerald.ca

We may be weeks from the holidays, but this is the perfect time to plant indoor bulbs like amaryllis and paperwhites. These easy to grow tropical bulbs add ...

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants and Indoor Gardening: An Overview  Modern Farmer

Warm vs cool? "Full-spectrum?" LED, CFL, or HID? Here's what you need to know about indoor grow lights for starting seeds, gardening inside, or houseplants.

What chemicals are used on garden bulbs?  Mother Nature Network

Do ornamental bulbs carry pesticides that can contaminate your garden soil? We asked an expert to find out.

You Can Grow It: Mountain wildflowers  KTVB.com

Jim Duthie shows us 10 of his favorite wildflowers you can look for when you head to the mountains this summer.

How to grow garlic, chives and other alliums in your fall garden  Dallas News

If you're growing vegetables in your backyard, perhaps it's time to up your game and include something spicy in your harvest from the allium clan...

In the Garden: Digging up variety for spring blooms  The Spokesman-Review

Warning: while purchasing spring-flowering bulbs is great fun this time of year, remember that you have you dig a hole for every one of them.

Bulb Mart offers native plants, talks, as well as tulips  Houston Chronicle

The Garden Club of Houston has created a new booth for its 76th annual Bulb & Plant Mart next weekend to help promote the Nine Natives program. The booth ...

Connecticut Garden Journal: Store Your Flower Bulbs  WNPR News

Halloween has passed, frost has come and now it's time to get your garden ready for winter. One chore that needs to be done soon is digging and storing.

Season-ending jobs and bulb planting: This Month in the Garden  PennLive.com

This weekend's yard jobs include doing some light to moderate yard "cleanup" and planting bulbs.

Gariepy: Hard to resist siren call of the spring flower catalogues  The Sun Chronicle

They're here. They're filling up the mailbox and attempting to entice.

Plant tulip and daffodil bulbs by November  The Seattle Times

Here's how to ensure a welcome dose of color next spring.

A primer on planting spring-flowering bulbs  Chicago Tribune

Try to finish planting spring-flowering bulbs in your garden by the third week of November, if possible.

Where the Wild Daffodils Grow  Yesterday's Island/Today's Nantucket

The common daffodil, Narcissus sp., is a symbol of spring throughout North America. On Nantucket, we embrace the yellow blossom as a reminder that spring ...

Flower bulb fields expand while growers consolidate: CBS  DutchNews.nl

Fewer growers are working the country's ever-expanding flower bulb fields, the national statistic office CBS reported on Thursday. The area used for growing ...

Gardening: Fertilize established bulbs in the spring for more color  Allentown Morning Call

I have spring flowering bulbs that have been in the garden for years. They are starting to have much smaller blooms as the years go by. I would like to give them ...

Snowdrops help me put winter in perspective  GazetteNET

As I write this, there are still plenty of flowers in the garden and green leaves on the trees. But fall is definitely in the air, a bittersweet time for those of us who ...

Time to plant your sleeping beauties  The Irish Times

Fionnuala Fallon: Autumn is here, but think of spring and plant as many bulbs as you can.

Summer bulbs can add an exotic touch — and dreamy fragrances — to your Colorado garden  The Denver Post

Plants with bold foliage, exotic-looking flowers and dreamy fragrances can add a touch of the tropics to Colorado landscapes.

Homegrown hints: Plant garlic and onions in the fall for spring harvest  austin360

For onions, like comedy, timing is everything. The secret to delicious, large, sweet, good-keeping onions is to get them into the ground at the right time.

Bulb time: Plant now, enjoy later  Buffalo News

If there were ever an autumn that begs us to plant bulbs, this is it. We've had lots of time. I'm imagining the garden center shelves are emptied. You all have …

Gardening: Tips for growing zucchini  Allentown Morning Call

Zucchini plants are known for their prolific crops so it is unusual when they fail to produce. While Marian's problem is specific, an overview of the plant's needs ...

How to grow narcissus paperwhite  The Guardian

A delicate bowl of the thin white blooms is quite something to come home to in the darker days of winter.

These miniature flowers are perfect for small spaces (and budgets)  The Washington Post

Mini daffodils require little real estate and excel in pots and containers.

Master Gardener: How to get irises to flower; when to harvest onions  Press-Enterprise

Question: A few years ago I bought a number of iris plants in bloom. I planted them in a flower bed and they multiplied and bloomed very well each year until this ...

Get it Growing: Its time to plant tulips and hyacinths  Tuscaloosa News

Right now is an important time for planting tulips, hyacinths and other bulbs that have been previously stored in your refrigerator. Tulips and hyacinths are ...

Between the Rows: It's time to plant daffodils, alliums and tulips  The Recorder

There is a world of spring blooming bulbs to plant in the fall. Daffodils immediately come to mind, but we don't often think about the various forms and colors ...

Bulbs & Seeds: move beyond the basics  Garden Center Magazine

Following leading trends in bulbs and capitalizing on the foodie influence when selecting seeds to sell can help your garden center stand out.

Paperwhites can smell sweet -- or stink  New Jersey Herald

Even though I love spending time out in the garden in fall and winter, I still crave having flowering plants around me. That's why I've just ordered a dozen ...

7 Fall Spices You Can Grow at Home  Modern Farmer

Everybody seems to grow their own herbs these days - but spices? From fenugreek to saffron, here's how to grow your own. Saffron is one of the world's most ...

Amaryllis: a beautiful winter flower for the prairies  The Battlefords News-Optimist

A recent trip to the grocery store surprised me with a huge display of boxed Amaryllis bulbs shipped directly from Holland at the entrance to the store.

Alaskans, go forth and plant spring bulbs  Alaska Dispatch News

Spring flowering bulbs are available from the usual sources, so now is obviously the time to buy them. You can put spring bulbs in the ground anytime it can be ...

Bulb shortages hit home  Horticulture Week

Boston Bulbs Wholesale's Gary Huggins said early bulbs such as daffodils were worst hit: "Most wholesale companies will be out of stocks six weeks earler than ...

Barany in the Garden: Don't plant 60,000 daffodils; a few dozen will do  Yakima Herald-Republic

YAKIMA, Wash. — Last March, I promised myself I would plant some spring bulbs this month.

Gardening: Bulbs take center stage in spring  The Spokesman-Review

The snow drops are up and blooming. Tulip and daffodil leaves are poking out of the ground testing the weather before they really start growing.

Time to plant spring flowering bulbs  Spartanburg Herald Journal

The beauty of spring-flowering bulbs is a sight to behold. They brighten any landscape and are a wonderful sign of spring. They blend nicely in any setting, ...

Plant bulbs for a spring display  New Zealand Herald

The sight of flowering daffodils is synonymous with the end of winter and the start of spring. It conjures up a feeling of *fresh* air and the hope of warmer ...

How to get your bulb amaryllis to rebloom  Farm and Dairy

The amaryllis can brighten up any indoor space with its beautiful blooms. With proper care, you can enjoy yours year after year as it reblooms each winter.

Next spring will be less colourful than usual due to a shortage in daffodil and tulip bulbs  Daily Mail

This year's very dry Spring, coupled with immense shortages of up to 40% of most types of bulbs, means next spring will be less colourful than usual, bulb ...

This week in the garden: Plan and plant now for the festive season  The Irish Times

With a little forward planning, you can have a beautiful addition to the Christmas table or a lovely gift for the flower-lover in your life.

Talk about planning ahead, it’s time to plant spring-blooming bulbs  Fresno Bee

Central San Joaquin Valley gardening columnist Elinor Teague gives advice on best time and how to plant bulbs.

For more spring flowers, multiply bulbs before planting  WTOP

Wait! Before you put those tulip, daffodil, crocus and hyacinth bulbs in the ground, do you want to multiply them? Sure, they'll multiply by themselves, but you can ...

Punch List: Lettuce, bulbs part of fall planting  The Denver Post

Late August in the garden means we're burning daylight – keep harvesting while taking advantage of cooler temperatures for fall planting.

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