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Ariel Whitely-Noll: Plant spring bulbs for summer color  The Topeka Capital-Journal

Bulbs are an often overlooked addition to the garden, especially summer blooming bulbs. While fall is the best time to plant spring-blooming bulbs, such as tulips ...

25th annual 'Dutch Connection' display opens at George Eastman Museum  The Livingston County News

ROCHESTER — Every February for the past 25 years, the George Eastman Museum, 900 East Ave., presents the “Dutch Connection” floral show to allow ...

Southern Gardening: Daffodils bring early spring color into homes, landscapes  The Commercial Dispatch

Some gardeners want to clip daffodil foliage. However, the leaves at this stage are producing sugars to store for growth the following year. Photo by: Gary ...

Planning a Deer Resistant Garden  TAPinto.net

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul. - Luther Burbank. We were looking forward to ...

Winter weather gardening: When to replant flower bulbs and snowy lawncare  WTOP

Have any pressing gardening questions during the winter, like how to de-ice your lawn after snowfall? WTOP Garden editor Mike McGrath has you covered.

Coffee Grounds, by Jeff Rugg  Creators Syndicate

Q: My local coffee shop offers five-pound bags of used coffee grounds for free. According to the signs, we can take them home and use them in compost piles, ...

Flower and Ornamental Plants Market Growth Factor by Product Category, Application and Specification 2019-2025  Herald News Press

Flower and Ornamental Plants Market report shares premium data and relevant insights giving current state of Flower and Ornamental Plants industry to make ...

When should you plant flower bulbs this fall?  Boston.com

The most popular bulbs include daffodils, crocus, snowdrop, hyacinth, tulips, scilla, fritillaria, allium, irises and gladiolus. | realestate.boston.com.

2019-2024 Consumer Floriculture Market Forecast: Business outlook, Key players, Revenue Size & Share  Rochester Leader

Consumer Floriculture Market 2019-2024 starting from the basics to advanced Market intelligence which plays an essential part in managing. Focuses on the ...

A GROWING CONCERN: Keep warm weather from wreaking havoc  Peninsula Daily News

I KNOW I promised you some more on pruning, but I've made some observations during this mid-winter week while driving to and from various yards.

15 Products Grower-Retailers Loved at TPIE 2019  Greenhouse Grower

Tropicals are hot, which might explain why The Garden Center Group's Cool Product Awards were very popular at the Tropical Plants Industry Exposition (TPIE) ...

Killer Tulips Hiding in Plain Sight  The Atlantic

Thanks to the compounds used to protect precious flowers, antifungal resistance is here—and it could be just as dangerous to humans as antibiotic resistance.

First frost signals many gardening chores  Chicago Daily Herald

The average first frost date at the Chicago Botanic Garden is Oct. 15, though it is often later in the city.

Discover the beauty of double tulips | Lifestyles  The Oakland Press

Celebrate the National Garden Bureau's Year of the Tulip in a big way by planting double flowered tulip varieties this fall for a showy display next spring. Flower ...

In the Garden: Digging up variety for spring blooms  The Spokesman-Review

Warning: while purchasing spring-flowering bulbs is great fun this time of year, remember that you have you dig a hole for every one of them.

Don't limit your choices when planting spring-blooming bulbs  The News Tribune

Fall is for planting bulbs if you want to enjoy a many splendored spring. Tulips, daffodils and crocus are classic bloomers but also look for minor bulbs such as ...

Gardening: How to get plants ready for winter  Allentown Morning Call

Q: Is it possible to overwinter a thyme plant by placing a large jar over top of it and leaving it in place in the garden? Thank you. — Donna Dowlatshahi. Thyme is ...

LandscapeHub adds ADR Bulbs as supplier  Lawn & Landscape

CHICAGO – LandscapeHub entered into an agreement with A.D.R. Bulbs to provide inventory on the LandscapeHub platform. LandscapeHub serves as an ...

Bulb Mart offers native plants, talks, as well as tulips  Houston Chronicle

The Garden Club of Houston has created a new booth for its 76th annual Bulb & Plant Mart next weekend to help promote the Nine Natives program. The booth ...

Sally Cunningham: Plant some bulbs. You'll be glad you did.  Buffalo News

One of the best thrills for a gardener is seeing the green shoots of bulbs pop up in spring. It always feels miraculous (actually they are) and yet it's such an…

Try these tulip tricks to enjoy 6 weeks or more of bloom time next spring  St George News

ST. GEORGE — Celebrate the National Garden Bureau's Year of the Tulip in a big way by planting double-flowered tulip varieties this fall for a showy display ...

GARDEN SENSE: Autumn is prime time for planting in Central Texas  Bryan-College Station Eagle

Here is some good news -- fall is the best time to plant just about anything in Central Texas. In fact, this time of year could be called the "forgotten.

Easy-to-grow, fragrant paperwhites add cheer to holiday table  Tribune-Review

Paperwhites are easy-to-grow, fragrant bulbs that can dress up your holiday decor like nothing else. Since the heady perfume of just a few blooming bulbs can ...

Create spring containers now by planting bulbs  Chicago Daily Herald

For a unique bulb display in spring, plant bulbs in containers. It is possible to layer bulbs in the container to create a dramatic display of bulbs.

Gardening: Best bets for blooming bulbs  Marco News

While we can't grow tulips or any of the other northern bulbs here in Florida, we do have other bulbs that like our tropical climate.

Garden News: Time to store bulbs so they'll be ready for next spring  The Advocate

The foliage of spring-flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, is beginning to turn yellow and brown and looking a little ratty in the landscape.

Get Growing: Forcing bulbs for indoor color  GazetteNET

This dreary gray weather we've been having is a stern reminder of what lies ahead in the next four months. I don't know about you, but I don't like the grayness.

It's time to order, plant tulip bulbs  Chicago Daily Herald

Tulips are a colorful feast for the eyes after a long, dreary winter. Small species and botanical tulips are appetizers; the late-flowering varieties are dessert.

Gardening: It's just about time to plant spring-flowering bulbs  Allentown Morning Call

When the nighttime temperatures reach the 40- to 50-degree range, its time to start planting spring-flowering bulbs. Here are tips.

Plant paperwhite bulbs indoors for a fragrant start to the new year  St George News

FEATURE — Plant away the stress of the holidays and add some fragrance to the new year by growing paperwhites. Just plant the bulbs, no cold treatment ...

From the Extension: Bulbs are easy plants to grow in Central Florida  Daily Commercial

Bulb gardening is a passion among many gardeners as bulbs and bulb-like plants are easy to grow, divide and share. Gardeners look forward to season after ...

Invasive Chinese crown orchids taking over Florida landscapes  TCPalm

This is a difficult plant to remove from the landscape. It reproduces by multiplying the pseudobulb, root structures, and seeds.

Bloomin' ready for winter: Tips for getting landscaping set  SW News Media

Readying your landscaping for winter isn't the only goal on that fall yardwork checklist, Landscape Designer Jodi Gehrke says.

Dutch landscape ablaze for tulip season  The Columbian

LISSE, Netherlands — Nothing says springtime like the tulip season in the Netherlands. The vast Dutch sky hangs low against rectangles of color— majestic ...

12 North Texas fall plant sales and garden events  Dallas News

As the heat (hopefully) wanes in North Texas, garden clubs, botanical gardens and nonprofit organizations schedule plant sales and public events to...

Summer bulbs can add an exotic touch — and dreamy fragrances — to your Colorado garden  The Denver Post

Plants with bold foliage, exotic-looking flowers and dreamy fragrances can add a touch of the tropics to Colorado landscapes.

The Hoosier Gardener: Order bulbs now for spring blooms  Indianapolis Star

Now is the time to order or purchase spring-blooming bulbs for the best selection.

Floriculture Industry Loses Another Legend  Greenhouse Grower

Dr. August (Gus) Albert De Hertogh, age 83, died October 26, 2018 in Raleigh, NC. Gus, the son of Belgian immigrants, was raised in Chicago. He was fluent in ...

Plant these ornamental allium bulbs now for springtime bursts of giant blossoms  The Seattle Times

Large-flowered Star of Persia and tumbleweed onion add showy sparkle to your garden beds and borders.

Planting spring-flowering bulbs in August  Total Landscape Care

Spring is the most popular season for planting flowers and bulbs, but there are a few bulbs that actually need to be planted in the fall or early winter to yield ...

Bulbs & Seeds: move beyond the basics  Garden Center Magazine

Following leading trends in bulbs and capitalizing on the foodie influence when selecting seeds to sell can help your garden center stand out.

Plant spring bulbs now for burst of color later  Tulsa World

Here are some tips on getting started planting bulbs.

Now is the time to plant bulbs for spring blooms  New Jersey Herald

Early October is the perfect time for planting spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, fritillaries, allium, crocus and hyacinth.

Colorful Aerial Photographs of Tulip Fields in Bloom  My Modern Met

Aerial photos of tulip fields by Tom Hegen show how the colorful blooms are cut in order for farmers to create stronger bulbs.

30 Landscapes You Won't Believe Are in the U.S.  Condé Nast Traveler

The United States is one seriously beautiful country. (Have you ever heard someone call the Grand Canyon "meh"?) But when we think of the world's most ...

Brian Minter: Now is the time to plant allium bulbs for long-lasting summer beauty  Vancouver Sun

The best ornamental alliums are East Asian and European natives. In garden stores, they have always had a presence in fall bulb selections along with tulips, ...

Check out the benefits of fall planting for your landscape  Total Landscape Care

Many of your customers may think that spring is the only or the best time to start planting, but that's not always the case. Fall is one of the best times to take care ...

These miniature flowers are perfect for small spaces (and budgets)  The Washington Post

Mini daffodils require little real estate and excel in pots and containers.

What chemicals are used on garden bulbs?  Mother Nature Network

Do ornamental bulbs carry pesticides that can contaminate your garden soil? We asked an expert to find out.

The Blundering Gardener: Get out your dibbers, it’s time to plant bulbs  St. Paul Pioneer Press

Last week was warmish and semi-sunny, with nighttime temperatures dropping to (but not below) freezing. And so, ladies and gentlemen, get out your dibbers.

Tender tubers and bulbs require some attention  Tribune-Review

Last week I shared several essential gardening tasks you'll need to perform before the arrival of cold autumn temperatures in a few short weeks. Today, I'd like to ...

Here's hoping you love gardening as much as I do  Marysville Globe

As we wind down the final days of the 2018 gardening season I find myself struggling to find something to say that will seem profound and lasting. In light of all ...

Paperwhite Narcissus and Amaryllis, by Jeff Rugg  Creators Syndicate

Q: I saw a display of Paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis bulbs at the store. The sign said that the bulbs didn't even need to be watered — they would just grow ...

PHOTOS: No mystery here: Unfamiliar plants and flowers are identified by experts in the field  NWAOnline

Horticulture specialists for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension *Service* are experts at identifying "mystery plants."

Photos: A brief history of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival  Seattle PI

Little more than an hour north of Seattle grows a small thing that manages to attract thousands upon thousands of visitors each year from all across the globe.

Bulbs thrive in south  Bryan-College Station Eagle

Bulbs provide weeks of easy-to-achieve winter and spring color in the landscape. These are not the one-time bloom and done bulbs that you may have tried like ...

Landscape mayhem, lawn tunnels and potted bulbs: This Weekend in the Garden  PennLive.com

This weekend's yard jobs include assessing winter damage, nursing plants as needed, repairing grub and vole damage in the lawn, and adding a few potted ...

Floriculture Market 2025 Growth Forecast Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application  The West Tribune

As per Business Opportunities On Floriculture Market. The Global Floriculture Market report 2019 current critical inside data/ information and descriptive data ...

Jos Roozen, horticulturist who dispensed gardening advice over the radio, dies at 70  The Washington Post

Many immigrants to the United States come in search of greener pastures. Dutch-born horticulturist Jos Roozen was determined to create them, one yard at a ...

Home Improvement: What to do in the garden this fall - Salisbury Post  Salisbury Post

October. • Early fall is the time to start fertilizing cool-season lawns. Slow release fertilizers work best; those that have a 4-1-2 ratio work best. Those that prefer to ...

3 ways to create a honeybee haven at home  The Washington Post

Select the right blooms, provide water and avoid pesticides to help happy pollinators.

Plant bulbs now, don’t fret about water, and be dazzled by spring  Sacramento Bee

Drought or no drought, your garden can have bling in spring. But to enjoy this miraculous March show, you need to get to work now. Planted in November ...

August in the garden  Orlando Sentinel

Plant Doctor Tom MacCubbin's gardening to-do list for August.

Amaryllis makes a beautiful garden addition or gift  Florida Today

With the holidays coming, many people will be shopping for gifts. One gift idea could be Amaryllis bulbs, which produce gorgeous blooms.

Looking for a good, new flower? Try the rose-purple allium called 'Millenium'  Quad City Times

Gardeners looking for a new flower for their beds might consider the allium called "Millenium" that was selected as the 2018 "perennial plant of the year" by the ...

First look at BOB-CAT's new mower line  Lawn & Landscape

The next generation of mowers includes BOB-CAT's fastest mower yet, capable of traveling 19 mph.

Punch list: Winterizing your lawn, garden and other fall chores  The Denver Post

Recent hard freezes cue gardeners to wind down the outdoor gardening season and focus on the must-do final fall chores. Pace yourself as you check off the list ...

Bulb shortages hit home  Horticulture Week

Some garden centres are sold out of spring bulbs after a 40% shortfall in harvests because of the dry weather this year. Boston Bulbs Wholesale's Gary Huggins ...

A gardener's words of wisdom for the end of the year  The Daily Herald

Steve Smith: “The more time we can spend communing with our gardens the better this world could be.”

Time to plant spring flowering bulbs  Spartanburg Herald Journal

The beauty of spring-flowering bulbs is a sight to behold. They brighten any landscape and are a wonderful sign of spring. They blend nicely in any setting, ...

We Dig It: 6 Window Box Basics to Take Your Curb Appeal to the Next Level  Realtor.com News

Window boxes are the underrated secret weapon of curb appeal: These seemingly simple additions can take your ordinary home to the next level—for that ...

Bright bulbs: Wow is the word for tulips in The Netherlands' spring showcase  The Advocate

Tulips! Look at the tulips!” Elizabeth Brignac laughed as she talked about her train ride into The Netherlands' floral heartland. Every time she saw fields of red, ...

Colour blocking is the secret to successful flower bulb display  Horticulture Week

Colour blocking is the secret to successful flower bulb display - from Horticulture Week.

Farm 9 is blooming business in Oakland  West Orange Times & Windermere Observer

Oakland's Farm 9 is cultivating *fresh* flowers from seeds and bulbs and becoming a popular booth at local farmers markets.

Gardening: Plant peas this week to ensure good growing season  Allentown Morning Call

This week is the traditional week to plant peas. The practice is associated with St. Patrick's Day (Saturday) or, depending on your background, St. Joseph's Day ...

How to choose, plant spring bulbs  The Journal News | LoHud.com

A little work in September and October will result in spring color for your garden.

Plant indoors now for a fragrant start to the New Year | News, Sports, Jobs  Minot Daily News

Plant away the stress of the of the holidays and add some fragrance to the new year by growing paperwhites. Just plant the bulbs, no cold treatment needed, ...

Gardening: Tips for storing tender bulbs, corms and tubers  Allentown Morning Call

Although we haven't yet had a killing frost, we should be preparing to winter-store those beautiful tender perennials — the cannas, the dahlias, the gladioli and ...

Oklahoma gardening tips for October  NewsOK.com

Editor's Note: Beginning with this issue, several Oklahoma County Master Gardeners will rotate in writing the twice-a-week gardening column from the ...

Mean Green Mowers to feature Michelin tire line  Lawn & Landscape

Michelin's X Tweel line will be featured on select Mean Green mowers.

AFE establishes memorial tribute for Gus De Hertogh  Garden Center Magazine

A memorial tribute has been established by members of the current American Floral Endowment (AFE) board honoring August (Gus) De Hertogh, Ph.D., who ...

Deter squirrels from digging up newly planted spring bulbs  Chicago Tribune

Squirrels often dig up newly planted tulip and crocus bulbs. Here's how to deter them.

Neil Sperry’s yearlong North Texas garden calendar  Fort Worth Star Telegram

Follow these monthly tips to keep your lawn and garden in top shape.

Low-Maintenance Plants - 25 Easy Options for Your Garden  BobVila.com

Sure, you could spend all spring and summer weeding, watering, and tending the garden, but there's an easier way to grow a stunning landscape. It all starts ...

Plant bulbs, lime the lawn, move the houseplants: This Weekend in the Garden  PennLive.com

This weekend's yard jobs include planting bulbs, liming the lawn (but only if needed), and getting those tender houseplants back inside before nighttime ...

Forget to plant those tulip bulbs? No problem  Tribune-Review

Question: I bought some tulip bulbs in September, but I never got around to planting them. Now that winter has arrived, I'm not interested in going outside to plant ...

How to decorate for Christmas beyond poinsettias: This Month in the Garden  PennLive.com

This month's yard jobs include "harvesting decorations" from the landscape, picking out a few holiday plants, and properly caring for houseplants.

On Gardening: African blood lily, most stunning of all bulbs  Fredericksburg.com

The first time I saw the African blood lily was at a flower show in Atlanta. I was stunned at its size and beauty, and I put it on my.

Spring brings flowers — and bugs  MyWebTimes.com

As April arrives, a vicious resentment of cold, wet and mostly grey challenges me to celebrate some extra days of cool weather where I can squeeze in late ...

10 online plant companies worth checking out  Mother Nature Network

As you start looking for the perfect perennials, annuals and veggies to fill your yard, consider these online companies, especially for rare plants.

Petal pushers: Plant tulips now  Cherry Hill Courier Post

Dig this: If you want a beautiful spring garden, get out your shovel.

Get it Growing: Its time to plant tulips and hyacinths  Tuscaloosa News

Right now is an important time for planting tulips, hyacinths and other bulbs that have been previously stored in your refrigerator. Tulips and hyacinths are ...

Bulbs to plant now so you’re ready for a colorful spring  The News Tribune

Planting the right bulbs in the right way in the fall will have you tiptoeing around the tulips and dancing through your daffodils in just five more months.

Guide to identifying spring flowers in middle Tennessee  WZTV

Beautiful flowers cover middle Tennessee in the spring, but it's not always easy to tell them apart or know their origins.Some of the most beautiful flowers, like the ...

Longwood Gardens announces 2019 Calendar of Events  Philadelphia Sunday Sun

KENNETT SQUARE, PA – Longwood Gardens near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, plans five spectacular seasonal displays and nearly 600 daily horticultural, ...

An amaryllis is the gardening gift of the holidays. Here's how to keep it alive.  Washington Post

The popular bulb is sure to brighten the dreary days of January.

What to do when bulbs don’t bloom  Statesman Journal

The mistake you could have made if your bulbs don't put forth color this spring.

GARDEN SENSE: Tips on citrus, mistletoe and amaryllis  Bryan-College Station Eagle

More and more homeowners these days want to grow their own food. The fruit that comes to mind this time of year is citrus, with recently developed varieties ...

5 Smart Things to Consider When Planting Perennial Plants  Marquette Tribune

Perennial plants are the backbone of any flower garden. These type of plants save time, money and work, coming back year after year in all their floral glory.

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