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Fragrant Narcissus Bulb Sale

Fragrant Narcissus Bulb Sale direct from the flower grower! Darst Bulb Farms is offering a GIANT fragrant Narcissus sale for home gardeners, landscapers and flowers lovers.

These fragrant Narcissus are ready for this fall planting and guaranteed to bloom in the Spring. The fragrant narcissus are of the same family as daffodils but have sensational fragrance that are absent in most daffodils. Fragrant narcissus are one of the first flowers to bloom in the Spring. Add an early splash of color to your flower beds and aroma that perfume connoisseurs can only dream about creating.

Dart Bulb Farms offers several combinations of fragrant narcissus for your selection. We have six varieties of fragrant narcissus:

NOTE: Bulbs should be planted 5-6 inches deep with a bone meal fertilizer or flower bulb fertilizer. (Mulch on top in colder regions.)

fragrant narcissus bulbs

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Fall is here, and the month of October will bring cooler and dryer weather to our gardens. The month begins with high temperatures in the 90s but ends with ...

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Amaryllis is the perfect last-minute gift for young and old, University of Missouri Extension horticulturist David Trinklein said.

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Pots protect bulbs from gophers and other pests and tend to have better drainage.

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